Comparing 4G To 3G: How Much Faster Is It?

There is no question that you need to go with 4G Internet if you are able to afford it. The difference between this type of connection and the 3G connections is significant. It is certainly something that you want to look at as a possible way to get yourself on the Internet faster than you would ever have imagined with a 3G connection.

The speed differences matter in particular when you are trying to look  

Current Networking Prototypes That Could Eventually Replace 4G Services

Internet technology is continually changing and you might find that your smartphone or tablet has all of these things build within it for you to use each day. You might have noticed that a lot of phone are changing from a 3G network to a 4G network and you might be wondering if you need to change the gadget you are using in order to keep up with the times. The only difference between these two networks is that the wireless capabilities are a little different from one to the other.

There really  

An Overview Of How 4G Internet Functions On Phones

Using the Internet on your phone is probably one of the easiest things to figure out. The one thing you need to remember is that most of the time, your phone will want to connect to the Internet for routine updates or just to look for some basic information. For instance, you might have downloaded an app that looks for local restaurants wherever you happen to be located. Because of this, the Internet is always on when your phone  

Profiles Of The Developers That Created Mobile 4G Technology

4G wireless technology stands for the fourth generation of cellphone communications technology. The developers that created 4G technology includes go back to the introduction of the cellphone. In 1938, mobile phones weighed 25 pounds and only had a five mile range of communication capability. They were considered walkie talkies and are thought to be the first generation of cellphones. In 1973, the former vice president of Motorola made the first wireless call in New York city. He called his rival at Bell Labs and the race began to make cellphones an  

Was 4G Really A Necessary Upgrade From 3G Internet?

If you have a smartphone that is more than a few years old, then there is a good chance that you are still operating under 3G coverage as opposed to 4G. And while many people may tell you that 4G is way better than 3G, the fact is that there is not actually a huge difference between the two. In fact, they are quite similar in a number of aspects, and it is rather clear that cell phone companies came out with 4G coverage as a marketing ploy to sell more phones.

There are a number of reasons as to  

Secret Financial Motivations Behind The Corporate Unveiling Of 4G

Having a smartphone is a great way to connect with family and friends while also keeping track of emails and apps. Many people are making the switch from an old cellphone that is just capable of calling people to one of these newer models. This might also be something you would want to consider if you still have an old cellphone that is barely giving you what you want from it anymore. By making a more solid decision on the phone you need, it will be easy for you to connect with all of your  

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